‘Research Paper-연구보고서’를 위한 영어 동사 리스트 2

영어 동사만 잘 써도 자료를 열심히 조사하고 정리해서 쓴
Research Paper가 훨씬 더 좋아집니다.
단순히 see/looked/did/said 라고 말하는 대신
다음 영어 동사 리스트로 연구보고서를 수정해보세요!

영어 연구보고서를 위한 영어 동사 리스트 2

hypothesize : 가설을 세우다/제기하다
Doctors hypothesize that placebos work because the brain believes it is taking a pill that will make them feel better.

identify : 알아내다
Using process reports to identify variability

illuminate : 명확하게 하다
These numbers portend to illuminate society-threatening failures within the current immigration enforcement system.

illustrate : 예증이 되다. 설명하다
I will illustrate the spelling rules of English.

imply : 시사하다, 함축하다
Lower Values imply Higher Resource Utilization.

infer : 추론하다
Much of the meaning must be inferred from the context.

inquire : 알아보다, 물어보다
The task of political sociology is to inquire into the causes of political events.

investigate : (상황・사건・범죄 등에 대해) 수사/조사]하다
The air force will investigate the wreck tomorrow.

involve : (중요 요소로・필연적으로) 수반/포함하다
Business processes involve people, systems and content.

judge : 판결하다, 평가하다
Scientists were judged according to competence.

justify : 옳음/타당함을 보여 주다
No argument can justify a war.

limn : 그림을 그리다, 묘사하다
The results paint a much different picture than that limned by Dr. Sachs.

ponder : 숙고하다, 차분히 생각하다
Ponder the error of your ways.

proclaim : 선언하다, 공표하다
Only the voice of the people can proclaim independence.

recap : 개괄하다
To recap briefly, the agreement was rejected 10 days ago.

reconcile : (두 가지 이상의 생각・요구 등을) 조화시키다
It was hard to reconcile his career ambitions with the needs of his children.

refer : 알아보도록 하다, 조회하다
Please refer to the attached sheet for details.

reflect : 반영하다, 곰곰히 생각하다
These laws reflect the average moral attitude of the people.

relate : 관련/결부시키다
I found it difficult to relate the two ideas in my mind.

remark : 논평하다, 언급하다
“Tom’s looking peaked,” she remarked.

resolve : (문제 등을) 해결하다
Please try to resolve the issue.

respond : 응답하다, 호응하다
Let the business respond to consumer demand!

reveal : (비밀 등을) 드러내다/밝히다/폭로하다
The reporter sounded the clarion call to reveal the truth.

speculate : 추측/짐작하다
It’s always hard to speculate about the future.

surmise : 추측/추정하다
The police surmise that the robbers have fled the country.

theorize : 이론을 제시하다/세우다
The study theorizes about the role of dreams in peoples’ lives.

transpose : (순서를) 뒤바꾸다
Limit the number of rows to transpose.

underestimate : (비용・규모 등을) 너무 적게 잡다/추산하다
He underestimated the cost.

underline : 강조하다, 밑줄을 긋다
This tragic incident underlines the need for immediate action.

undertake : (책임을 맡아서) 착수하다
One must have readiness to undertake any difficult task.

undervalue : 과소평가하다, 시세보다 싸게 평가하다
Education is currently undervalued in this country.

validate : 입증하다
Specify the name of the user you want to validate.

verify : (진실인지・정확한지) 확인하다
We have no way of verifying his story.


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