‘Money’에 관련된 영어 단어와 표현

은행과 관련된 영어 단어

account : 계좌
I have a savings and a checking account at the bank.

bank statement : (은행 계좌의) 입출금 내역서
Most people view bank statements online these days.

bankrupt : 파산한
Unfortunately the business went bankrupt three years ago.

borrow : 빌리다
She borrowed money to purchase a car.

budget : 예산, 비용
It’s important to stick to your budget in order to save money.

check : 수표
Could I pay by check or do you prefer cash?

debit card : 현금 카드
Nowadays, most people pay for daily expenses using a debit card.

currency : 통화
I enjoyed living in Europe when there were many different colorful currencies.

debt : 빚, 부채
Too much debt can ruin your life.

deposit : 예금, 저축, 입금
I need to go to the bank and deposit a few checks.

exchange rate : 외환 시세, 환율
The exchange rate is very favorable today.

interest (rate) : 금리, 이율
You can get a very low interest rate on this loan.

invest : 투자하다
It’s a good idea to invest some money in real estate.

investment : 투자
Peter made an investment in some stock and did very well.

lend : 빌려주다
Banks lend money to qualified customers.

loan : 대출/융자
He took out a loan to purchase the car.

mortgage : 담보 대출
Most people have to take out a mortgage to buy a house.

owe : (돈을) 빚지고 있다
I still owe $3,000 to the bank.

savings : 저금
I keep my savings in a different bank with higher interest.

withdraw : 출금, 인출
I’d like to withdraw $500 from my account.

‘Money’에 관련된 영어 동사

add up : 합산하다
The bookkeeping doesn’t add up correctly. Let’s recalculate.

go up / down : (가격이) 올라가다/내려가다
The price of the stock went up 14%.

make ends meet : 겨우 먹고 살 만큼 벌다
More and more people are finding it difficult to make ends meet these days.

pay back : (빌린 돈을) 갚다
Tom paid back the loan in three years.

pay into : 입금하다
I pay a small amount into a retirement account every month.

run out : (돈이) 다 떨어지다
Have you ever run out of money before the end of the month?

save up : 돈을 모으다
I’ve saved up over $10,000 to buy a new car.


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